AION cosplay contest is over!

We would like to thank all the participants for sending their entries. They all presented very high level and it was very difficult to select the winners. In the end, jury decided that the main winner is Keiko ! The winner’s outfit amazes with its beauty, utilized techniques and attractive presentation of the cosplay, in a form of series of photos. The amount of details included clearly show that the maker put a lot of time, effort and heart into preparation of this cosplay. Congratulations!

Winning entry – prize of 1000 Euro

The commendation prize for the best technical realization goes to Dulcinea for incredible solicitude with which the costume has been prepared. Moreover, the commendation prize for the best photo/video presentation goes to saemaligna ! Congratulations to both of you!

Commendations – prizes of 250 Euro each

The extra prizes (100 Euro each) were awarded to users: GreatQueenLina , Cassidy , Shiaya , Hizaki and WarriorGladiator ! Your passion and devotion that you showed in your cosplays impressed us and clearly deserved to be rewarded!

Commendations – prizes of 100 Euro each

During the contest, participants had to design and creative a costume, which would resemble as precisely as possible one of AION’s characters.

In order to take part in the contest, each contestant had to send at least five ‘work in progress’ photos and readied costume worn by a model (the cosplay designer didn’t have to be the model at the same time) together with an information if the costume was already presented during other contests.

The main prize was 1000 Euro, two additional commendation prizes (250 Euro each) went to their winners, and five other talented contestants received also 100 Euro each (these were the full prizes, after deduction of tax made by However, cash doesn’t grant happiness; that is why all of the winners were also invited to a professional cosplay photo session.

Photo galleries of our participants:

We are proud to present a one-of-a-kind photo session of lovely models, who impersonated characters from the world of AION.

"Making of" video:


Karolina is a typical Elyos representative – beautiful and bright, which is additionally emphasized by the fact that she belongs to Bard class. But don’t be fooled by her charm! Her innocent-looking stringed instruments can ruthlessly curse her enemies and even allies.


Anita, as a representative of Asmodian race, is brave and battle-hardened. As she is a Gunner, you can be sure that if you even think of putting a fight against her, you will deeply regret it! Her swiftness, intelligence and precision are attributes, which make her deadly attractive.

Information about AION

AION is a visually enthralling free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is appealing to both teenagers and adults, in which you can achieve the status of a higher creature, a Daeva, and take part in an epic war. With the aid of supernatural powers and the ability to fly, you must save your people and restore balance to a vast, wonderful world that has been devastated by a dreadful catastrophe.

Explore one of the most visually impressive MMORPGs whilst attempting to save a wonderful world that, due to a brutal war, seems doomed to its downfall. You can choose between the darkness dwelling Asmodians or the bathed in light Elyos, and save your people from the dragon-like Balaur.

AION allows you to soar to unprecedented heights and fight in the open skies above Atreia. Flying isn’t just a mode of transport here - it’s an essential and strategic part of the game. It gives various aspects of the genre an unrivalled dynamic, whether it’s in battle, during quests or during the investigation and collection of resources.

Spectacular, ever-developing battle system with unusual combos, skill chains, counter attacks and tense air combat. Conglomerate in formations with your friends or fly through the Abyss alone - where attacks can come from every angle. Experience combat action like never before!

The extremely detailed tool for creating characters, the groundbreaking crafting systems and extensive adjustment possibilities for items all allow for highly individual character creation. The innovative stigma system opens up brand new dimensions of individuality.

Fight for control over important fortresses and artefacts in the Abyss, the hotly contested battlefield between the lower and upper halves of Atreia. Plan and carry out attacks against rival factions and earn a rank, name and rewards with your victories.